Online Session of AWG-C at North Georgia University

On August 1, 2018, WDC conducted a mini, online session of the Analytical War Game-Cyber (AWG-C) at North Georgia University. This iteration was not only customized to accomodate a 3-hour time frame, but was also proctored and administered almost entirely online. Fifteen graduate students from the university participated in person at the campus in Dahlonega, Georiga or virtually, taking advantage of the remote access provided by the AWG-C's ShrimpToast online platform.

Feedback from the local organizers and participants was overwhelmingly positive, underscoring and reinforcing the value, effectiveness, and uniqueness of this kind of training simulation, which focuses primarily on critical thinking and strategic analysis. At the same time, the wholly online nature of session itself is an important milestone for the Shrimptoast software platform, demostrating a flexbility and wider applicability that is not hindered by time and space constraints.