"Cyber Intelligence" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does or Does It?

By Christopher Lew | 2018-03-01

Cyber intelligence means different things to different kinds of professionals. This dissonance must be addressed if we are to address the issue at both a technical and strategic level.

Thinking Critically About Anti-Corruption Efforts (Part II)

By Liu Liang | 2015-12-15

As we saw in the previous blog post, the Chinese methods of dealing with rivals continues to cling to tradition. Running in parallel to this is China’s age-old struggle with corruption.

Thinking Critically About Anti-Corruption Efforts (Part I)

By Liu Liang | 2015-12-01

Corruption and high-level politics in China are complex topics and a handfull of blog posts will never be able to do either subject any justice. However, these entries can provide a good starting point to help clarify the matter and allow one to more accurately interpet current events.

Cyber and the Cost of Doing Business

By Liu Liang | 2015-11-15

The possibility of encountering cyber espionage while doing business in China is high, but one should consider it a cost of doing business rather than a mortal threat.