Competitive Intelligence
Through Consulting

We offer a variety of solutions from individual competitive intelligence products to full-scale, real-time support. Our approach consists of a structured and phased process to provide predictive analysis. Generally speaking, we craft a multilayered model of the targeted landscape by drawing on a wide range of data sources, identify the major factors which influences that environment, and then determine a path or paths to effectively navigate toward our client’s goals.

The world is a dynamic, living and breathing environment which conventional quantitative models can’t always adequately capture. To that end, we employ a variety of experts with extensive experience who are able to approach the problem from many different angles. We are also able to pull information from a variety of sources, including on the ground assets, and vet this data extensively through a core team of specialists. Through this process, we seek to transform raw information into usable intelligence which directly impacts our client’s ability to make decisions.

Team Member in Focus:
Margret Myers-Mullinix is one of consorium's most promiment expert in international political economic affairs. In addition to extensive experience working in China, she has also worked in highly-sensitive diplomatic and cross border settings.

December 2016 to the present
WDC provided advisory services to the University of Maryland University College to facilitate its efforts to expand its programs to new countries. Employing its contacts overseas and its understanding of different regions, WDC brought new opportunities to the school and helped facilitate a number of partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region that are planned to go online in 2018.
WDC served as the research and intelligence arm of Strontium, a international venture capital firm. One of Strontium’s key clients during this time was Lendit, which was seeking to enter China’s financial technology and online peer-to-peer lending sector. WDC provided analytical support during two Lendit conferences, one in New York and the other in Shanghai, helping that company navigate through potential political and economic obstacles as well as choosing partners and venues.