Cyber Security Policy and Strategy
Training and Education

Cybersecurity goes far beyond malware and networks. It is not the exclusive domain of network administrators or IT professionals. In fact, cyber issues touch upon all aspects of an organization including its processes, strategy, and goals. For this reason, technical-focused solution will never be able to fully address all of the problems that cyber intrusions can cause. Only through employing higher-level and holistic approaches can one determine the larger implications of an attack and engage all relevant decisions makers in forging an effective solution.

We specialize in doing so through a consortium of experts who have operated on both sides of the issue. We provide customized training and educations solutions to improve analysis, communication, and processes to assure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Team Member in Focus:
Christopher Whyte brings both practical and theoretical knowledge to cyber security policy training and education. He continues to conduct cutting edge academic research and has applied it successful in the past in major multinational organizations such as NATO.

September 2016
Taught and developed cyber and strategic intelligence courses for the Institute of World Politics. One of the highlights of this partnership was a WDC-taught a course during a three-day seminar for Booz Allen Hamilton. The seminar focus ranged from general work force awareness for the strategic implications of cyber threats to providing initial training for associates who would serve as cyber analysts for other clients.