Team Building
Through Intelligence Solutions

We guide our clients through the construction of their own in-house strategic cybersecurity or competitive intelligence teams. We focus on establishing and inculcating the fundamentals of organizational best practices, training individuals to conduct this mission, and then integrating both personnel and process into our clients' larger decision-making apparatus.

Our flagship product is the Analyst War Game (AWG), which offers automation, scability, and accessibility through its innovative ShrimpToast™ online platform. The AWG is able to provide qualitative and quantitative evaluations, as well as training and maintenance, of individual's and organizations' ability to process hetergenous and non-machine proccessable data and conduct collaborative analysis.

Product in Focus:
The Analytical War Game-Cyber (AWG-C), which features the ShrimpToast™ online platform and is part of the larger AWG family, provides training and evaluation for individuals or organizations conducting strategic cybersecurity analysis and risk management. Scenarios can be customized and scaled for our clients' particular needs.

February 2017
As part of the Intermediate Cyber Intelligence Analyst Course conducted in Singapore, WDC also unveiled its Cyber Intelligence War Game (CIWG). This event culminated with a simulated cyber attack against Singapore in which the participants were tasked with organizing their cyber intelligence apparatus, analyzing information within a crafted scenario, and then staging briefings to role players who simulated senior government officials. For this iteration, the CIWG was conducted through analog methods and hard copy documents, but future versions will feature a fully digital and web-based interface which will streamline the process and allow for more effective metrics and after action review procedures.