Strategic Cyber Security
Through Consulting

We specialize in facilitating high-level cyber resilience for governments and the private sector. Bringing globally-recognized best practices and experts to bear, we deliver strategic planning, threat modeling, process development, procurement guidance, and institutional capability enhancement services customized for our clients’ unique cyber environments. Aimed at teaching self-sufficiency, we seek to leave its clients fully mission capable, with the ability to both effectively confront contemporary cyber challenges and to adapt to future ones.

Our current focus areas include:

  • Whole of Government Cyber Resilience;
  • Open Source Sharing/Intelligence Fusion Center Development; and
  • Insider Threat Program Development
Team Member in Focus:
Christopher Lew has extensive experience advising high-level clients on strategic cyber issues in the public and private sector. He was has spearheaded a number of consulting engagements including INL, Singapore's CSA, and UMUC.

August 2016
WDC personnel conducted a customized seminar for Mr. David Koh, Deputy Secretary (Technology) and Deputy Secretary (Special Projects) of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Chief Executive of the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore and his senior staff on cyber resiliency and advanced persistent threats. This engagement lead to follow-on engagements with the CSA including training for Singaporean government personnel.
Spring 2016
As part of its consulting contract with Idaho National Labs, WDC drafted a white paper analyzing potential cyber threat scenarios against critical U.S. industrial control systems. This paper was to serve as a key reference in determining which systems should be considered essential for national security and potential avenues of attack from likely U.S. adversaries.